Our Team



Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy has his own law firm in New York City where he specializes in civil and criminal defense litigation and complex negotiations.  He is also a member of the California Bar, and is enjoying many years of active law practice, including two years service as an Infantry Company Commander in the US Army. For the past several Kennedy has served as a Special Advisor to the UN office on Drugs and Crime.


Mr. Kennedy has served as General Counsel and Director for High Times Magazine and its various entities and initiatives, since its inception in 1974 and has been instrumental in waging the national and international battle against Marijuana Prohibition laws for over 40 years. He has also served on the boards of three public companies. Mr. Kennedy will serve as a director for the HTGF.


He has vast experience with the many aspects of the Cannabis Industry and productive relationships with most of the industry's principals. He is a major shareholder of Trans-High Corp (THC), which owns High Times Magazine and the brand names "High Times" and "Cannabis Cup", as well as High Times Productions, which produces all of the High Times national and international Cannabis Cup Events and competition.


Mr. Kennedy lives in New York City with his beloved wife of many years, has three children and is devoted to his five grandchildren.

Michael Safir

Michael Safir has been the Business Manager of High Times since 2010. In that capacity, he has been involved in nearly every aspect of the business, including events, sales, marketing, sponsorship, licensing, intellectual property, new product development and human resources.


His extensive work in planning and executing the High Times Cannabis Cups has helped turn them into the premier events in the cannabis industry.


Prior to his work at High Times, Mr. Safir was head of Salary and Arbitration Research at Peter E. Greenberg & Associates, a New York-based sports management firm.


He holds a BS from Indiana University and an MS in Sports Business from NYU.