How to Grow Cannabis on a Budget – for Cultivators With Tight Budgets

How To Grow Cannabis On A Tight Budget

Growing weed on a tight budget is possible. You just need to know what kind of seeds, grow lights, or grow kits to use. You’ll also need a growing medium and a small space to grow your weed. Below is a brief guide on how to grow cannabis on a tight budget.

Buy quality seeds because in the long run you will end up with high-quality cannabis. If you go too cheap on seeds, then your crop might be low quality and you won’t be able to use all of the buds.

If you have $50 in your budget, then you can easily buy 5-7 cannabis seeds online. If you look hard enough online, you can score quality seeds for less than $50. Compare a few online stores’ seeds before choosing the ones you want to plant.

There’s no need to buy expensive organic potting mixes. In fact, you can opt for the same type of soil you use for regular gardens. Just make sure the soil has added nutrients to it.

As a general rule of thumb, for every one-gallon pot, you should use two quarts of soil. For less than $30, you can find 16 quarts of soil for sale.

Grow Lights
LED grow lights are among the most affordable lighting options for growing weed. These types of grow lights won’t cause your electricity bills to soar.

LED lighting means your crop will be exposed to a fuller light spectrum, which in turn helps them to grow. If you’re going to grow many ounces of weed, then opt for 600W LED lights. For smaller grow operations, you can get away with using a 300W LED light.

Grow Tent
Grow tents are exactly what they sound like, tents where you grow your weed in. The major factor in determining how big a grow tent should be is the final height of your plants.

Also, choose a tent made with durable materials. A good tent will have a reflective interior wall.

Grow Tent Kit
To make things easier and more affordable, have a look a grow tent kits. A kit contains various items, including a tent.

Kits save you money because they come with the basic stuff needed for growing cannabis, but the items are bundled together. Best of all, grow tent kits come in many varieties, which means you can easily find cheap kits.

You probably don’t think you need to buy nutrients if you’re already using a potting mix that. However, you’ll want to have nutrients on hand in case of needing a backup plan.

For example, nutrients can be added to your plants if they start showing signs of nutrient deficiency. If they do, then you’ll be glad you have extra nutrients. The good news is you can go as cheap as you want on nutrients.

A Fan
You don’t need anything fancy or high-end, as a simple stand-up fan will do the trick. Get a fan that oscillates because this will circulate the air, and cannabis requires oxygen in order to grow.

If you don’t have circulating air in the area they are growing, then your plants could end up dying. A single medium-sized fan should do the trick. If you’re planning a large cannabis operation, then opt for 2-3 fans to ensure proper air circulation.

Invest in a cheap digital timer. Using a timer means you can time tasks such as watering your plants down to the minute. There are timers that allow you to set up alarms to go off for certain times of the day or for specific days.

Another reason to use a timer is for your lights. You time when your lights go on and when they go off, which means ensuring your cannabis plants get enough light throughout the day/evening.

Thermostats allow you to keep an eye on room temperatures. A digital thermostat will let you know when temperatures are too low or too high. When need be, you can adjust the temperature of the room.

Here’s a tip: buy a digital thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature. This will ensure your plants will not be subjected to extreme temperatures that could ruin them.

If your grow room has cold spots, then invest in an indoor heater, but only use the heater on an “as needed” basis. If the entire grow room is chilly, then use an oscillating heater. For safety purposes, use a heater that has overheat protection.

As for wattage, feel free to go for the least powerful heater you can find. Even the cheapest heater will get the job done, that is unless your grow room is extremely cold.

Carbon Filters
Carbon filters is something you can be cheap on. You should use filters because they’ll reduce the smell that cannabis emits. Furthermore, carbon filters control emissions from grow rooms and grow tents.

Another reason you want to use carbon filters is that they’ll keep the air in your grow room or tent as fresh as possible. Filters will also keep the air clear of various other allergens.

Trimming Scissors
Cannabis growers need a pair of quality precision trimming scissors. They allow you to trim your buds into the perfect nuggets. The last thing any weed cultivator wants is to mess up on cutting their buds, which may result in them becoming damaged.

Buds that are damaged become unusable. If this happens, then you essentially lose money. Don’t worry about spending too much money on precision scissors, because you can easily find them being sold for less than $20.

Final Verdict
Those are the key things you’ll need for growing cannabis on a budget. Compare various products before settling on the ones you want for your grow operation. Remember, the soil is the only thing you shouldn’t go too cheap on.

The final verdict is you can grow cannabis on a budget of around $200 and $300. With a bit of patience and doing your due diligence, you’ll be growing quality cannabis before you know it.